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Bracelet Size Guide

Bracelets are always popular gifts both for men and women. Whether you are purchasing a bracelet for yourself or for your friend, consider the body type of the person. Wrist diameter varies with a body type.

Standard Bracelet Sizes
Women's Standard Bracelet Size
7" standard. (depending on style and manufacturer)

Men's Standard Bracelet Size
8" standard. (depending on style and manufacturer)

Does One Size Fit All?

For most people one size fit all. Many styles have clasps that allow slight adjustment by the wearer. However there are wrists that are larger or smaller than the standards.

Most link bracelets can be made smaller or larger by removing or adding links by an expert jeweler. If you have your bracelet shortened, be sure to save excess links in case you need them later for repair or replacement. For fine jewelry they can be expensive.

If you believe that your wrist is outside the standard range for most bracelets, you should get an approximate measurement of your wrist. This can be easily done with a soft seamstress style measuring tape or ribbon. Wrap it around your wrist at the wrist bone and mark the spot where it meets. In case of a ribbon, lay it down against a yardstick or ruler to find out your size.

In order to have some movement and flexibility, add about 1 inch to that measurement. The final measurement should be within the size range of the bracelet. Remember that some bracelets fit differently. Note that depending on the style of clasp; some give you more space. Also, take into account beads, pearls, gemstones or other adornments (if such exist), as the room for your wrist may decrease.

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Fashion Jewellery, 2010-04-24 12:37:55
I have also the same problem?
Greg Buck, 2008-07-28 11:44:51
Can you tell me how to adjust this bracelet I just received.Stainless Steel and Rubber Cross Unisex Bracelet #1225
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