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Fashion is the science of appearances, and it inspires one with the desire to seem rather than to be.
Michel de Montaigne (1533 - 1592

Bellow are some articles related to fashion. What is fashion, what is popular in this season or tendencies for the next one, tips to deform your figure, how to dress during pregnancy. These and many more topics are discussed in the current category.

The History of Fashion

The expressions like ‘Roman, Greek or Egyptian fashion followers’ are very frequent in books. Since Adam and Eve people have had some definite ideas on how to dress. However, does it really mean that the phenomenon of fashion arose simultaneously with culture? Not at all!

Seven Ways to Avoid a Fashion Trap

Your style is on your responsibility. But where is the verge beyond which you become a fashion victim? Consider your age.. You know what fits and suits you, whether you are... A good choice for a creative person could be, for instance...

Five Tips to Deform a Regular Figure Using Clothes

Some people have a knack of showing off their disadvantages... Would you like to join them? May be...
it doesn’t matter to you. Have a look at the following to consider... lingerie, wrong belt, wrong shoes, trousers...

The Self-Presentation Guide

Imagemaking here is a sort of nonverbal communication. A volatile image is one that... A fixed image is one that... An expedient image will help you to gain confidence, will save you money, will earn you money, will make you a career for yourself...

Make It a Rule to Be Cool

Sometimes you look frightfully well, sometimes not. Where's the stability? Here're some helpful hints for you to look cool almost all the time...

Wear Pink without Being a “Stupid Girl”

People often use the words “fashion” and “style” in their everyday life. But have they ever thought about the meaning of these words? Let’s use Webster’s Dictionary...

Glamouraholics: the Case Study

Glamouraholism – a legal and socially approved form of addictive behavior comprising perfectionism, snobbery and excessive consumption. Women are suffering from this behavioral disorder as well as men...

Rebuilding Your Wardrobe

You've got no more shelves to shove the clothes in and still it's nothing to wear. Try the following scientific approach to assorting the outfits and making them easy to combine...

My Sexy Hips and Perfectly Round Belly: How to Cover Them

If you are not very happy with your shape, and that periodically happens almost to everybody, you turn to the formless, fashionless, oversized clothes, even if you know that these clothes extend you tenfold...

Maternity Dressing

You're so excited! There're no signs of belly yet but you want to tell everybody about your happiness? Then use a special dress code to hint at it first and show off your growing belly later on...

From Runway – To Shop "Exodus"

It’s a long way to the shop the highlights of the show passes. Sometimes they can be altered beyond recognition. What happens after the show finishes that helps haute couture masterpieces becoming wearable and marketable?

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