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Astrological Compatibility of Planets, Metals and Stones

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The Best Settings for Precious Stones

Gold and silver are considered to be universal settings for gemstones. It is interesting to know that the tradition to set gemstones in gold and silver is rooted in astrological ideas about the compatibility of metals and planets and their interference.

Astrology has developed the planet, metal and stone compatibility chart. According to the table, each stone has a corresponding metal that should be used as a setting. But following this principle can be extremely difficult, as, say, it’s hard even to imagine cornelian set into mercury, though in the chart they stand together.

In such cases astrologists recommend to take into consideration the ideas about “Friendship” and “Hatred" among the planets. The most popular version is the following:

The Sun hates the Mars, Saturn, Pluto, neutral to Mercury; is hardly compatible with the Moon, but friendly to all the rest.

The Moon hates Mars, Pluto, cold with Mercury and Uranium, opposite to the Sun, friendly to the rest of the planets.

Mercury -is compatible with all the planets, the least of all with Pluto, Mars and the Moon.

Venus hates Saturn and is friendly to all the other planets.

Mars is friendly to Venus, is contrasting to Mercury and Uranium, and hates all the others.

Jupiter hates Mars, Saturn and Pluto, friendly to the other planets.

Saturn is friendly to the Moon and Mercury, hates the others.

Uranium is friendly to Mercury, Venus and Neptune, needs help of Pluto and Mars, hates the others.

Neptune is friendly to the Moon, Jupiter, Venus and the Sun, hates the others.

Pluto - is friendly only to Venus and Mars

Well, what is the best option for your stone?

Gold and silver are indeed universal, as the Sun, the Moon and planets friendly to them embrace most stones. But stones of the Moon, Saturn and Neptune are preferably to be set in silver.

Mercury stones are better to be set in metals corresponding to other planets. They are best set with Uranium metals – aluminum, titanium and their alloys, as well as platinum and gold alloys containing cadmium and zinc.

Mars stones are well matched with ‘German silver’ – an alloy based on copper and nickel.

Jupiter is friendly to the Sun and hence likes gold, but silver is to be avoided.

Saturn stones should not be combined with gold, as Saturn is not friendly with the Sun. Silver, aluminum and titanium alloys are very good options.

Pluto stones are set into Mars metals, and beryl is the Sun’s stone.

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Edijs Obrams, 2011-10-10 14:33:45
Please suggest the best gemstone or combination for me.
Born on 25/02/1984
Time 4:45pm

Thank You!
Shlomo Yeshurun, 2011-09-29 07:25:38
My birthday is 3/19/1970 whats the best stone / metel combo for me? Aries rising, pisces sun, leo moon, pisces mercury, aires venus, taurus mars
RONY SAHA, 2011-09-10 11:18:08
Sir my date of birth 17th december 1985 please give me suggession which gemstone i wear?
Saudhabh Sarvadhikary, 2011-05-29 11:05:10
my date of birth is 8th sep 1987, time is 5:32 am and place is Allahabad, UP
Can u please suggest me which stone to wear
zeeshan sultan, 2011-05-01 11:51:49
Dear sir, my place of birth is dacca , bangladesh. time of birth is between 8 to 9 pm and date is 12 december 1985.. please tel me whether red coral is good for me or not? suggest me any other stone if you think it would help me.
thank you
naresh, 2011-04-09 08:11:13
dob 31 aug 1968
time 0850 am
place dehradun
please suggest best gemstone for me for health succeess and marriage . i am already wearing coral.
kartik arora, 2011-02-25 01:51:48
my date of birth is 5 nov. 1993 and time 09:55 pm....pls tell me the stone best suited for me and its configuration also
Hitesh, 2011-01-19 09:20:13
my date of birth is 7th september, 1969. pls suggest me gemstone that will suit me the best.
indranil, 2010-12-14 08:48:04
sir, my d.o.b is 11/09/1974 , time 14:55 , kolkata. i am presently wearing hessonite, neela, ruby , white pokhraj. are these combinations ok for me , or i need to change.
rama, 2010-11-26 01:50:30
can i wear emerald &yellowsapphire at the same time?pls.suggest
Total entries 37  [1-10][11-20][21-30] [Forward] [Last]