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Body piercing - "Pros" and "Cons"

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If you think that there is at least one part of the human body that can’t be pierced, you are very much mistaken. The list comprising almost all we are “made of” proves that you can be literally holed through and all over.

There exists historic evidence that body piercing has been practiced by people since ancient times.

In the Western culture the most conventional form of body piercing has always been ear-piercing. Up to the present days it is extremely popular among women and among men. In many western countries piercing is appropriate even for male bank stuff and high-powered businessmen.

What are the reasons that make people have their body pierced?

The surveys show that some do it as a form of self-expression, either artistic or sexual. It can be a means of sexual stimulation as well as piercing of genitals is assumed to increase the sharpness of feelings.

For some people piercing is symbolic. For gay men it can be a means of public self-identification. Actually, they were gay communities that adopted male ear-piercing in the 20th century. Alongside with those for whom piercing is a non-verbal cue, a vast number of people do not mean any subtext, except ornamenting, when have their bodies pierced.

As any fashionable phenomenon, piercing is controversial. And along with those who are ready to have a hollow in any place imaginable, for others it is a subject for disapproval and prejudice. For some people body piercing is faddish and ugly and, hence, inappropriate. This point of view has the right to existbut, say, navel piercing does enhance the beauty and sex appeal of a feminine tummy, and who would deny that a woman engender admiration and desire.

Hardly had it come into fashion, piercing found its reflection in new styles of clothes and trendy gorgeous jewelry. There is a wide range of fashion body jewelry for everybody to find something special. When done by professionals, body piercing is absolutely safe. In contemporary body piercing studios tools and jewelry are sterilized, single use gloves are worn by the piercer to protect both the piercer and the client.

So, if you want to make a statement, do it. If you want to have your body pierced, nobody is allowed to forbid that, since, of course, you are of age.But take this step seriously, choose a reputable body piercing studio to be sure that you will be protected, and then follow all the instructions on successful healing. When done or cured incorrectly, body piercing can lead to many risks and effects.

Have a safe and healthy piercing experience and enjoy every possible pleasure that piercing decorated with fabulous jewelry can give you!

Elena Zharina
Fashion Jewelry Editor

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Total entries 5  [1-5]
B,E., 2010-08-10 07:46:52
There is such a thing as "agreeing to disagree". It's what people who are mature and capable of expressing themselves thoughtfully and intelligently accept as a fact of life, in the real world.
How can ANYONE believe there is any logical place for anger over such triviality as: who decides to put holes, in ones' own bodies, where!! It's a joke right? You guys are actually pals just putting the real-world on with your naughty words and tough act? Has to be joke. No one can really be that caught up in this stuff. Naw...this is just a joke.
hahahaha... OK. Now time to go out and do some running around the playground to get rid of all that pent-up energy.

For the love ~ you would think those holes were in the heads of you both of you who can only be crude to express yourself.
Delisa, 2009-02-05 22:37:38
i also have alot of piercing all over my body i think its a great way to express urself and the pain is always good to me i guess
Frank, 2008-12-11 23:27:20
yes, piercing is very beautiful and sexy. we are the factory to produce body piercing.
Dave, 2008-08-09 04:44:33
I personally have nine piercings, lip,tongue,ears,nipples,pa,lower shaft piercing,and nose. Perconally I wouldn't trade them for anything. I believe if you went through the pain to have it done you should keep it no matter what anyone else thinks!
Danny Black, 2008-01-15 18:57:36
I think haveing piercings is a great way to express ones self. who cares what anybody says. its what you think not what anybody els thinks. i have five piercings and i dont care what anybody says about them. whats important is how i fell about them.
Total entries 5  [1-5]