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Wear Pink without Being a “Stupid Girl”

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• What is fashion? What is style?

• Who creates fashion? Could you ignore fashion?

• Is it possible to change and remain for ever one at the same time? Is it difficult then to create your own style?

• How to accent your personality just with the help of a color?

People often use the words “fashion” and “style” in their everyday life. But have they ever thought about the meaning of these words? Let’s use Webster’s Dictionary:

Fashion – the mode or manner of dress, living, and style that prevails in society, especially in high society, etc.

Style – a method, manner, or way of performing, speaking, or clothing; elegance, grace, or excellence in performance or appearance.
Isn’t it clear now that fashion is nothing more than a thoughtless imitation of somebody else’s style?

Designers create new collections and organize showings before the beginning of each season. After that mass media make decisions about coming tendencies and dictate to you what to wear. Should you necessarily listen to them? Obviously, no, you should not. You can ignore fashion, but it’s a fact that there are always people who say: “Clothes make the man”. Or rephrase: “You are what you wear”. They judge you before they even know you. Do you need their opinion? Maybe yes? Thus you find yourself in the dubious position.

For many people it’s difficult enough to distinguish between fashion and style. That is why you can meet one stylish person among many clones divested of individuality. Let’s figure that stylish person out. All you need is to define your preferences, social aims and required comfort. You also need to rank the colors you like. Only after that you may go shopping. Choose but the garments applicable to your requires and fashion – not your requires or fashion. And that’s what the whole thing is about.

So, every season mass media propose you trendy colors. Now, for example, all shades of blue and white, gold and splashes of pink, especially hot pink are the highlights of the collections. But don’t be in a hurry, use the color you like most of the latest and include it delicately into your outfits. You may use our brief color guide in creating your personal style:

Red – active optimist, lively, vigorous, passionate
Pink – airy-fairy optimist, affectionate, tender, childish, sentimental, attractive
Yellow – anxious optimist, emotional, changeful, jolly, imaginative, brave
Orange – sunny, enthusiastic, cheerful, communicative, self-centered
Green – strong-willed, persistent
Apple-Green – lyrical, sensitive, verdant
Blue-Green – laborious, tense, precise
Blue – calm, glacial, wise, faithful, aesthetic
Pastel Blue – pacific, poetic, trouble-free
Violet – artistic, mystic, intuitive
Lavender – unprotected, tender, introversive
Brown – substantial, conservative
 Black – solid, determined, adventurous
Grey – discreet, avoidant, neutral
 White – pure, clear, perfect

Rybachenko Svetlana
Fashion Editor


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Fashion Jewellery, 2010-04-24 12:57:19
Wow very clear color combination and definition to it

Total entries 1  [1-1]