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Seven Ways to Avoid a Fashion Trap

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It's cool being trendy. But where is the verge beyond which you become a fashion victim? Here are 7 ways for you to be in trend and stay true to yourself:

• Choose your own style
• Consider your age
• Don't use all fashion hits at once
• Put the clothes on properly
• Balance your outfit
• Consult a selling-assistant
• Keep up on the fashion weeks

Choose your own style

Your style is on your responsibility. You know yourself as no one else does. You know what fits and suits you, whether you are casual or elegant in dress. You like particular colors that accent your personality or just please you.
A good choice for a creative person could be, for instance, a hand-made knitted cardigan with a waist belt. And a big round silver antiquated pendant studded with semiprecious stones for accompaniment.

Consider your age

Try to keep to the rule: ”Everything is good in its season” (And in the "season of the year" meaning, too:-). But still every rule has an exception and you may use this as well: “Better late than never”. Occasionally this exception becomes a reality for some so far too shy and too modest girls (and boys).
It doesn’t mean in this context that you can’t afford all those tempting garments and accessories. It’s just that a lady should look a little bit more substantial and elegant than a girl.

Don't use all fashion hits at once

Most designers agree that it’s better to have one accent piece. Think twice before combining ethnic billowy skirt, cowboy boots, wide empire waist belt, bulky wooden beads and long pendant earrings.

Put the clothes on properly

There are some secrets of putting the clothes on that help you looking more precise. For example, if you want to tuck your jeans into the boots you should choose tapered or tight-fitting but not flared jeans. Otherwise you’ll get problems with redundant folds. And tuck the jeans into your socks first to keep on the safe side (Or in the funnier way for men – tuck the shirt into the underpants to be more gent following the former Prime Minister of Great Britain John Major).

Balance your outfit

Thinking up your style mind the proportion. Rough cowboy boots, full skirts and gowns with cascade ruffles are popular this season, but they need a kind of compensation. For example, you may balance a puffy skirt by a form-fitting top and light shoes, balance rough boots by a silk lady-like silhouette blouse and so on.

Consult a selling-assistant

If you doubt about your choice, consult a specialist. A good selling-assistant will offer you alternative variants, help you to make an attractive ensemble and acquaint you with the characteristics of the material and fabric.

Keep up on the fashion weeks

Nevertheless, don’t be a complete "virgin". Or you risk becoming a sitter for a cheater. Keep up on the fashion showings, read trendy magazines, look through Web pages, and yet don’t forget that appearance on runway is not exactly what it looks like in the shop – skirts are shorter, necklines are lower, hip grooves are higher. So, keep your eyes open, follow the fashion and be a winner!

Rybachenko Svetlana
Fashion Editor

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Total entries 2  [1-2], 2010-04-24 12:47:15
But don't forget to wear jewellery from Majique
Luis, 2008-02-29 17:52:01
I would like to be elegant and sexy...
I like the glow but I like the black too.
I don't know anything of fashion...
¡please help me!
Total entries 2  [1-2]