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Gold Plated, Gold Filled and Vermeil Jewelry: See the Difference

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No matter how many new metals and materials appear in the jewelry market, people will never feel tired of gold. The lust for gold is caused by the fact that gold is eternal. This metal will never rust or corrode.

The beauty of gold, represented in a variety of colors, makes people fall in love with it. On the other hand, it will cost you. Thus the romance turns into money matters. However, don’t be in a hurry to make your pillow wet with your desperate tears. Would you like to save on buying trendy gold? There’s a fabulous alternative that looks like karat gold but cost much cheaper and it’s real gold, not fake one.

Gold plated jewelry

Gold plating is the term used to describe the process of plating jewelry made of non-precious base metal (zinc, nickel, copper) with a thin layer of gold, which is depositing their by electrochemical methods. As it was said the layer is very thin and thus easy to scratch. It also naturally wears thin with time, exposing the metal below. So it is better not to wear gold plated jewelry every day.

Pros: Low price
Cons:  The gold film wears off pretty soon because of polishing and exposure to skin salts

Gold filled jewelry

Gold filled jewelry (also called ‘gold overlay’ or ‘rolled gold plated’) consists of several mechanically bonded layers. A non-precious base is covered with the outside layer of at least 10 Karat gold. Manufacturers usually mark their gold filled jewelry with fractions that show the relative amount of gold in proportion to base metal in a given piece, so you know what you buy. So decide what your priority is, the price or durability. If you want to wear the jewelry pretty often, opt for gold filled pieces.

Pros: This alternative has the longest lifespan of all the three.
Cons: The price of gold filled jewelry is usually higher than that of the previous alternative

Vermeil Jewelry

Vermeil is a more expensive version of gold plated jewelry. It consists of a sterling silver base that is coated or plated with gold. And again, if the longest lifespan is in the first place for you, your option is vermeil or gold filled jewelry.

Pros: Vermeil jewelry wears off less than gold plated one
Cons: No wonder that the price is also high. And you should be aware that although the sterling silver layer is covered with gold, it might tarnish and thus darken the gold layer.

Svetlana Rybachenko
Fashion Editor

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Total entries 8  [1-8]
Michelle Hudson, 2011-11-14 01:55:13
Hello, How long will Vermeil jewelry last before it will tarnish (if you care for it properly)? Also, if it seems to lose it's color is there any type of wash you can use to help bring the color back? Thank you.
suzie, 2011-10-08 13:09:27
I have gold plated jewellery which has lost its colour. Do you have a product that I can use to bring it back to newness?
Paul, 2011-04-26 09:06:34
We offer gold plating services including vermeil or 2.5 microns of 24K or 14K gold over silver.
<a href=""> Spectrum Metal Finishing, Inc.</a>
Monique, 2009-07-13 13:37:52
Which one is most likely to last the longest and which one is the better purchase, Yelow Gold or Vermeil.
Prayesha Amatya (Joshi), 2009-05-18 04:36:43
I would like to open a shop here in Kathmandu, so what are the steps and how much I have to invest for this.
KOR DAVID, 2009-02-10 13:41:51
sharon, 2008-11-23 22:38:07
will vermeil gold come off if you wear the jewellery all the time?
Prakash Saswadkar, 2008-06-06 10:56:09
Sir could u plz tell me abt gold plating of resin casted base. How do I get golden appearance on resin casted base?
Total entries 8  [1-8]