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About Gem Fashion Magazine Directory of Articles

Subscribe to Gem-Fashion's Newsletter is a jewelry store, yet at the same time, it is an online magazine aimed at giving maximum comfort and pleasure when discussing fashion and lifestyle topics.

We would like you to find something to your own liking. Whether you are a man or a woman, if you want to relax and read entertaining and grabbing stories, Gem-Fashion is a wonderful place to keep an eye on. It offers tons of great new information including:
• The latest news in the world of fashion, shows and trends
• Fashion jewelry trends, gemstones, weekly jewelry horoscope
• Beauty products advice, virtual makeover game
Celebrities’ lifestyle
• Insider info on how to look good and feel great
• Personal life stories published by our readers

You might want to share your personal life experience. Let’s say, you tell us about your boss, who doesn’t give you a promotion though you’re well worth it, or maybe you don’t know how to ‘help’ him fall in love with you, or you want to discuss your boyfriend’s bad habit enjoying sex for those ‘long’ 2 minutes and 15 seconds, or anything else. These and many other topics are actively discussed in our online magazine. Our editors are regular men and women, just like you, who have a passion about a particular subject. You can spend endless hours browsing through it.

You can say: “What news! I have heard the same a hundred times. It’s boring! I am sick and tired of these ideas”. Yes, we are also tired. Have you thought why? As far as books and journals are concerned, one can only read them. However, saying "Tripe. My story is different" to the author is something you can do at Gem-Fashion. The author will hear the reader and forget about publishing another "masterpiece".

This is the place for communication, arguments, compliments and critiques. Everyone can become an author. You can open a discussion in the forum or register and put in a full story with all the details on your personal page. Whatever your decision is, you should expect an instant reaction from the public. Our unsurpassed advantages are speed and anonymity. You can read something that other people won't tell you face-to-face.

We want to help people to discover their writing talents. Gem-Fashion needs authors. We ask for true stories, whether tragic or comical. Don’t be embarrassed. The internet is an ideal place for experiments. No one can see you, neither the editor, nor a reader. And it doesn’t matter who you are - a man, a woman, a spaceman, or… Michael Jackson. Just choose a suitable nickname and you are good to go.

We hope very much that your publications will help you in the future whether finding a good job, asking for a higher salary, improving self-confidence and gaining respect from other people.

Why not try to be a photo model. Every month Gem-Fashion holds contests. Send your favorite picture, read feedbacks and beat competitors. Winners get a 10% discount on the next purchase in our jewelry store.

The articles are sorted by themes and placed into categories below. We welcome you to visit and leave your feedback. Enjoy.

Jewelry Trends
Jewelry rules, wedding rings, body piercing, lead poisoning from jewelry and many more.
Jewelry Metals
Facts about jewelry metals. Quality marks, prices, cleaning tips.
List of articles about each gemstone. Their properties, origin, prices. Find your birthstone here.
The obsessions, insider picks, and what's got the style setters talking.
Modeling related resources for both male and female models.
Chick's club
Just some interesting stories to read for women.
Get the latest on your favorite celebrities - news, lifestyle, photos, videos and more.
Feel-great beauty tips. Try it yourself.
Only for men
Daily features on subject matter that interests the male population.