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Jewelry Metals. What Do You Know About Them?

Jewelry Trends
Jewelry Metals
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This buyer's guide was created in order to help you to understand terminology used in jewelry industry. In this particular category you will find some basic information about jewelry metals, such as, what materials are used in jewelry industry, how to care and clean your jewelry, precious metals quality marks, current prices and something else. This tutorial will not make you an expert, but should help you fill more comfortable in evaluating and choosing jewelry.

Gold, atomic symbol Au on the periodic table of elements... Its beauty and permanence inspired craftsman... It's been treasured throughout history by civilizations, reserving gold for most important objects...

Yellow Gold Fashion Trends
The great days of the glorious victory of yellow gold have come back at last. Here are some facts from the leading jewelry houses...

Gold Plated, Filled, Vermeil Jewelry

Would you like to save on buying trendy gold? Thereís a fabulous alternative that looks like karat gold but cost much cheaper and itís real gold, not fake one.

Platinum is very durable and considered the best metal for gemstone jewelry... Platinum jewelry can be soaked in warm water and mild solution of soap...

Silver has been always in fashion. It can be casual and comfortable... The most popular silver used for jewelry is...

Silver Cleaning
When cleaning silver jewelry we used to get pretty exhausted by having to scrub it rigorously with a jewelry cleaning cloth to have it bright again... It's not the case any more!

Its annual production is only 3 tonnes a year. Not surprisingly, rhodium is the most expensive metal... It is durable, hard and highly reflective...

Titanium is biocompatible, comfortable and very light. It gained its popularity in wedding jewelry being very easy to get used to wearing...

Stainless Steel
Jewelry at Gem Fashion uses a high grade steel from 300 series called Grade316L, which are best suitable for invasive body piercing and do not release nickel salts into the body or induce contact nickel dermatitis.

Current Precious Metal Prices
Current prices for gold, platinum and silver.

How to care about your jewelry?
On condition of good care it pays you off with glamour, sheen and brilliance which last forever, helping you shine wherever you appear...