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Star Signs in Jewelry

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Despite its controversy and lack of scientific proof, Astrology is one of the most ancient branches of knowledge that has attracted the mankind by its promise to reveal the future. There are numerous descriptions of how kings and warriors asked what stars said before an important state event or a military campaign.

Astrological forecasts shouldn’t be taken too literally and become an obsession, but at the same time neglecting its power is ridiculous. Even the oceans and seas are influenced by the stars, thus, who are we, people, to deny their impact upon human affairs?

However, provided the forecast is lucky, many people are apt to believe the horoscope printed in newspapers or magazines, which are usually nothing but journalists’ attempt to attract the readers’ eye. Nothing can be done. We are just people, contradictory human beings, made of paradoxes. It can also explain that we do hope for star compatibility with our prospective spouses. And even if it is just a myth, we are ever so willing to believe it.

However the case might be, this star “fairy-tale” is getting more and more popular and finds its reflection in art, numerous gifts, among which the jewelry takes not the last place.

It’s not a secret, that jewelry is one of the best gifts for any occasion. Its fabulous look and the fact that the course of the years will only make jewelry more valuable, make it one of the most wanted, appreciated and remembered gifts. But at that point a number of intricate problems may arise.

For instance, you should know unmistakably some “personal data” of the person you are going to present a ring or earrings. In some situations, choosing the right piece of jewelry can be a torture.
Well, the jewelry star sign is a key to this problem. You can fail with the size of the ring or the shape of the earrings, but you definitely know for sure the date of birth of the person you are going to present the star sign pendant to.

There’s another advantage. Fashion is known to be a whimsical child, but you can be sure that star sign piece of jewelry will never get old-fashioned. Considering the taste is paramount in choosing metal and design. In any case, such a gift is a joy to behold.

Elena Zharina
Fashion Jewelry Editor

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