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Indeed so, throughout the history people have had a great love for jewels. The striving for the creation of beautiful things to decorate ourselves is very deeply embedded in human nature.

Fashion has always had great influence on the jewelry industry. Fashion, a child of all times, has a very whimsical character. That is why precious metals and stones vary now and then, being in and out. Moreover, materials that are not at first glance associated with jewelry are widely used nowadays: multicolored gold, stainless steel, rhodium, palladium, ruthenium, copper, brass, aluminum, precious and semi-precious stones, leather, resin, fluff, mother-of-pearl, etc.

Not only materials vary but also the design is dictated by the fashion as well. In this respect jewelry can be sorted into the following groups: those of the latest fashion, those recommended as fashionable at a definite season, and, the last but not least, is the group constituted by the classics which is in forever. In the jewelry industry fashion is created by jewelers-designers. However, success of their work strongly depends on the correct understanding of fashion trends. Their proposals become fashionable only after having obtained universal recognition.

Recently the women fashion has gone away from minimalism and unisex, which reigned in the late 20th century. As a result - modern jewelry reflects the refined taste and femininity of its lucky owners. The rich color palette is combined with soft lines and chunky shapes. It is not a return to the classics; that is a new vision of femininity.

Luckily, the stronger sex is not put aside as well. For men there is a wide selection of tie clips, signet rings both with and without precious stones. The fashion for cufflinks shirts attracted designers at once and has resulted in numerous collections.

Lately the designers have been obsessed with the concept of movement. Jewelry houses create a number of lines glorifying the beauty and tenderness of live petals, wild animals’ grace and butterflies’ fineness. The leading positions in the color palette belong to pink, blue and yellow.
In this diversity of shapes and colors, designers help us find our own style. There could be distinguished three dominating style trends: classics, avant-garde and folklore.

Strictness of forms, laconic simplicity of lines and proportions, sophistication of décor and refinement of shapes is the main sign of the classical style. The vivid example is diamond jewelry, which is little susceptible to the whims of fashion.

In contrast, the distinctive feature of the avant-garde style is lack of norms and traditions. Its creators openly advocate everything individual, eccentric and not so rarely shocking. Brightness, eye-catching décor, unexpected combination of materials and methods of work- it is nothing else but the avant-garde. The majority of the followers of this style is the young generation.

A distinctive feature of jewelry in the folklore style is the interpretation of motives of applied arts and the art of the ancient civilizations. Within these styles, there’s a number of various micro styles, for example, geometric, constructive and figurative trends. There also exist some micro styles under the general theme “4 elements” (water, fire. air and earth). A good example is the Stainless Steel ring featuring 5 elements in Chinese signs: Thunder, Wind, Earth, Water and Fire.

Therefore, the jewelry fashion has become an indispensable part of fashion in general. The jewels do not merely compliment our clothes but merge with them into a single ideal composition where one can neither add nor move away any detail.

The search for the individual style, always in harmony with the latest fashions, one’s looks, lifestyle and habits - is an attractive task for a modern person willing to accentuate his/her individuality with the help of jewelry.

Elena Zharina
Fashion Jewelry Editor

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shikin, 2010-08-13 21:23:10
can i request for to ur company to do d ring like my favour...i rely looking forward for ur reply...i ned dat type of ring but i dnt noe wer to get
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