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If your idea of a perfect holiday includes some shopping and you are the type of person who has a fancy for pampering yourself with a fabulous piece of jewelry - there’s no better chance to buy something special and remarkable.

Shopping is known to be on top of women’s to-do list while on holidays somewhere abroad, and jewelry is one of the things we are ready to splash out a fortune on to get a wonderful oversea charm.Before starting any travel where you intend to buy some jewelry, invest some cash into purchasing of the electronic indicator of the authenticity of gems.

Some guidance on what and where to buy at best cost is absolutely essential for a sophisticated traveler/shopper 2 -in-1.


Walking through Topcap castle you can try on the jewelry that sultans gifted their wives, and later, choosing something for you in shops and on the market, keep this image in mind.It is interesting to note, that the biggest diamond stored in the castle was found in a huge pile of old stuff.The chief shopping area in Istanbul is Grand Bazar, the tented market. It is really a pleasure for one’s eye as the selection is really wide and rich.Laleli is smaller than Grand Bazar in its size, and the risk to buy jewelry of the doubtful origin is higher.


You can buy quite a lot of different items in this country. However, be alert as the risk to get a counterfeit is extremely high. Don’t believe a unique chance to buy Rolex watches at just $40. Be a realist, such things can never happen.

The versions of the origin of gems can be different, some sellers even swear to sell stones from UAR and Columbia. So, arm yourself with an indicator and act as a sophisticated buyer.The curious fact to know: a bar near one of the jewelry factory where you can make an excursion serves all drinks free.

Thailand sells the best and cheap pearls (the genuine ones). On a millionaires’ island you can find a real bargain. The tourists are also shown the performance of cultivating pearls. On this island you can also sunbathe on a fabulous white-sand beach and have a swim in turquoise sea water.

A lot of jewelers-experts unanimously think that the local gems are nicely colored, but the processing leaves much to be desired. Their tip on what to buy is a local trinket, gemmed with small granites, genuine and beautiful.

Israel. Jerusalem

For a long time Israel has been the global leader in gem processing as the jewelry craft goes down the generations, being a very prestigious occupation.

For a greater reliability take our advice and “make your investments” in the National Center of Diamonds or, say, in the “Stern” chain, the sparkle of these shops will definitely catch your eye. In Israel, Gold costs more than, say, in Turkey or Emirates. Besides, in this oriental country you can always buy the latest world’s classic and trendy jewelry collections. The thing which is peculiar about Israel is that here you can buy some souvenir-jewelry at the local museums and galleries.

The United States. New York City

This city will never fail to give you an incredible selection of jewelry of all styles. As far as gems are concerned, New York’s options are nearly infinite. Some experts even say, that NYC is the center of the universe in jewelry.

To be considered number 1 jewelry center in the world, certain conditions must be present. New York meets all these criteria, which encompass the greatest retail names and individual designers, the presence of diamond industry, the greatest makers and manufactures, the auction houses and trade associations, and, finally, the fact that all the top-notch watch companies have their headquarters in New York.

Tiffany’s landmark art deco edifice commands the crossroads of Fifth Avenue and 57th street, the axis of the high-end jewelry universe of which Cartier and Tiffany’s are the lodestars. Make them an item on your itinerary in order just to have a look at jewelry masterpieces, if not to buy them.

The prices at 47th street are more acceptable. Their highest quality stands next to Tiffany’s and Cartier has proven 400 years of successful work.

The best jewelry museum, Guggenheim, where you always can buy something interesting. In its gift shop you can indulge not only in an incredible selection of jewelry, but also become the owner of unique items.

For those, who like ingenious counterfeits, there’s a Metropolitan Museum Shop. Here, there’s lots of jewelry, décor things made in gold, silver, glass and stone.They are not genuine, but their look and high-quality is sure to meet the demands even of the jewelry gourmets. For instance, for just $30 you can buy a panther head earrings, dating back to 1786 B.C. in Egypt. And for $1000 you’ll become an owner of a china jar of the 18th century.

France. Paris

To see and to die… This unforgettable city is all about accessories. Hollywood female inhabitants have long made Paris their favorite place for buying some final touches for their posh outfits. Frenchmen and their better halves, though known as one of the thriftiest nations, love and nurture themselves always making sure to buy something fresh and cute for a new season, even if it is just a smallest accessory.
Among the chain stores where prices are lower than in boutiques the most famous are C&A, Lafaette, and Samariten, the latter is the favorite of Parisians.

Well, as you can see, the glitter of the jewelry sparkles worldwide as its appeal conquered the whole world. Almost in any city and any country you can find some fine pieces of jewelry without setting out on a travel. But if you still decide to include buying some jewelry into your adventure program, the jewelry will later be a joy for you for its beauty, but always remind you about unforgettable impressions, that are always the best thing about the traveling.

Elena Zharina
Fashion Jewelry Editor

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