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Jewelry Trends
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Fashion is something that goes in one year and out the other.

Bellow are the articles related to jewelry. Fashion jewelry trends, wedding day jewelry, how to wear diamonds, bijouterie, body piercing, information on how to choose a gift; these and many more articles, written by our editors and readers, will help you in choosing and evaluating jewelry.

Fashion Jewelry Trends
The jewelry accompanies us throughout our entire life, being not only visual pleasure but also the warranty of financial stability as well...

Jewelry Rules
The choice of accessories is a very personal affair, it's very important that you feel comfortable and in harmony with what you wear. Women and men jewelry rules... what to wear and what not to wear...

Tips for Wearing Your Jewelry
The sense of style is not necessarily something that you should be born with. It is brought up consciously, developed by paying attention to the ocean of current fashion trends where you find...

Wedding Rings. History and Traditions.
Throughout the history a ring was the symbol of contracting a marriage. The wedding ring represents eternity since it is a circle and depicts no ends that diverge - a perfect symbol of union and togetherness.

Wedding Rings Engraving Idea
Your wedding speeches are delivered before your family and guests, yet if you want to make your vows even more intimate and retained for the eternity - immortalize them in your wedding rings. Itís a good idea to have a message engraved in your wedding rings..

Our Idol - The Diamond
The artists and designersí fantasy knows no limit - diamond necklaces, earrings, brooches, arm and leg bracelets, head bandages...

Body piercing - "Pros" and "Cons"
What are the reasons that make people have their body pierced? If you think that there is at least one part of the human body that canít be pierced, you are very much mistaken. Over please...

Fall Jewelry Trends
The main trends are darker colors and less jewelry. For example, wear movable drop earrings without a necklace or vice versa. Jewelry is forced to become more emphatic.

Gemstone's Weight
Carat is the unit used to express the weight of gemstones, with one carat equal to 200mg of actual weight. History of carat, gemstone's weight units, how to calculate a price of a gemstone.

What Do You Know About Cufflinks?
Whereas woman jewelry knows no limits and frontiers both in quantity and selection, starting from a sparkling pin in lustrous hair and up to a toe-ring, for men, the world of jewelry is limited to a signet, a watch, a tie-pin and... cufflinks.

Beads Promise To Be In Fashion
Being one of the first things used by our ancestors for self-adornment, bead jewelry enjoys great popularity up to the present. But, historically, beads served as the symbol of wealth and flourishing...

Gold Plated, Filled, Vermeil Jewelry

Would you like to save on buying trendy gold? Thereís a fabulous alternative that looks like karat gold but cost much cheaper and itís real gold, not fake one.

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