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What's so great about Platinum?

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Platinum, atomic symbol Pt on the periodic table of elements, is white grayish metal. Platinum has an atomic weight of 195.23, which means it is very heavy for the amount of space it takes. Platinum is very durable and considered the best metal for gemstone jewelry. Precious stones are set securely in platinum jewelry settings.

When exposed to air or water it does not oxidize or tarnish, however it can be dissolved by certain acids. Platinum is a hypoallergenic material, what makes it a very good choice for people suffering from some other metals, such as silver or 14k gold. All these unique properties make platinum very popular material for jewelry.

Platinum is a member of Platinum group (PGM), which includes iridium, osmium, palladium, platinum, rhodium, and ruthenium. Only platinum, rhodium and palladium are used in jewelry. Platinum is rare. Each year platinum is mined fifteen times less than gold. Everybody knows that gold is rare. There are two types of platinum used for making jewelry:

Platinum 95% and 5% other metals
common quality marks:Platinum, Plat, Pt, 950Pt, Pt950, Plat950, 950Plat

Platinum 90% and 10% other metals
common quality marks:Pt900, 900Pt, 900Plat

Platinum jewelry is 2-4 times more expensive than gold jewelry. In addition to material cost there are costly extreme manufacturing techniques. Please visit our page for current prices for platinum.

Being the strongest metal for jewelry, platinum still can develop scratches and wear. Some people like this look only unique to platinum, however a jeweler can polish it to bring back its original reflective finish. Platinum jewelry can be soaked in warm water and mild solution of soap. Gently cleaning it with a soft brush is usually all that is required to maintain its sheen.

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Elena, 2007-09-11 17:16:53
please visit this page
constance henry, 2007-09-09 03:24:11
my daughter was given her platinum engagement ring and it is turning her finger green. what can she do to stop this if anything?
Total entries 2  [1-2]