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"How to Clean Tarnished Silver with Aluminum Plate and Baking Soda"

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When cleaning silver jewelry we used to get pretty exhausted by having to scrub it rigorously with a jewelry cleaning cloth to have it bright again.

But, Miracle! It's not the case any more! You don't have to develop sweat on your forehead to penetrate into all the crannies and hooks any more! Now you can clean your silver jewelry the easy way.

Just take an aluminum plate or you can also use a plate covered with aluminum foil. Then add a tablespoon of table salt and about the same quantity of the powdered water softener, Calgon, for instance. Then add some hot (but not boiling) water to the plate and stir to dissolve the salt and softener.

Now, just dunk some tarnished silver items in the solution and wait a minute. Take them out. Gosh! No more tarnish! Your silver jewelry looks like brand new! In fact, you can even substitute baking soda for the water softener. It is aluminum that works in this method. But, DO NOT use this method for jewelry that has any precious stones or on antique silver, as it will remove the desired antiqued finish.

This can be a good method of cleaning extra silver findings or wire pieces, that have become tarnished. The result you can see from the pictures of the silver ring. The pictures might seem dark but the ring is definitely brighter and the difference is obvious.
In fact, this method is commonly used among beaders and silversmiths. They kept it in a secret to attract buyers. But, it's a common truth that all secrets are revealed sooner or later, isn't it?

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Christine Tierney, 2009-09-23 19:46:48
Thank you so much for this "secret". I have a small shop at and I was given some vintage jewelry recently and was trying to find an easy way to clean up the chains and findings before trying to use them in some new designs. I am so happy I found this!!!!
Thank you sooo much for this!!!
Parker, 2009-04-05 00:17:42
Yup! excellent-did this with large pieces of silver articles! the guy at the shop wanted to charge me $100, 80 and WOW said I! no way! came home and did the foil, soda method and well if its not 100% its atleast 85% and the black tarnish has vanished
the foil goes black and the articles go silver
Total entries 2  [1-2]