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Ultrasonic Cleaning of Jewelry

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Like any woman needs to employ a whole range of different assets in order to maintain her beauty, the perfect look of your jewelry depends significantly on how you care about it. Whereas our personal fight for beauty consists of many operations, fortunately with jewelry you can limit the work to cleaning only.

Professional cleaning at the jeweler’s is an absolute must for expensive jewelry. Do it twice a year, if you want it to look the best. Fine jewelry is a refined and demanding 'lady', so pay attention to it. Jewelry will never excuse neglect.

An excellent way to clean your jewelry at home is by using ultrasonic cleaner. This special unit uses ultrasound waves with frequency higher than frequency audible to the human ear. Let's not get into technical details of how it works but how to use it. It's simple. A standard household ultrasound cleaner consists of a metal tank with a removable basket. All you need is to:
fill the tank with water or cleaning solution (optionally). Put your jewelry in the basket and take it out in a few minutes clean and sparkling. Instructions that come with each unit will tell you what cleaning solution to use.

However, not all ultrasound cleaners remove tarnish from metals. For that purpose they come equipped with separate tanks for dipping of jewelry into tarnish-removing solution. By the way, similar method can be used for sterling silver jewelry using only..  hot water, soda, and aluminum plate. Read here for more information.

Some gemstones are not ‘ultrasound-friendly’. Among the materials that can be damaged by ultrasound cleaning are:


Avoid ultrasound cleaning with any gemstones containing flaws. Always follow all the operating instructions for your cleaning machine. Here are some general precautions to consider when using an ultrasound cleaner:

• Never turn on your cleaner if it does not have water in it
• Use only special ultrasonic cleansing solution formulated for cleaning in your machine. Using other cleansers can seriously damage your machine
• Never leave the machine running unattended or in the reach of children
• Unplug the machine before opening the lid and removing the basket and jewelry

Elena Zharina
Fashion Editor

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mital, 2009-04-21 02:31:07

can i clean my gold plated jewellery in it, my jewellery had peal and diamond on it so does it damage by using water and soap in this machine. i really wanna buy but i am not sure if it will damage my gold plated jewellery plese reply me i will really appriciate

thank you
Total entries 1  [1-1]